01 - A Lady of High Regard 2008

Author: Tracie Peterson
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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Award-winning author of over 75 CBA best-selling novels, Tracie Peterson is highly acclaimed for authentic historical romances that enthrall and inspire. In this compelling sequel to A Lady of High Regard, an 1850s British nobleman - facing wrongful imprisonment - sends his daughter Catherine to Philadelphia to conceal her past and start a new life as a seamstress. The City of Brotherly Love is soon abuzz with the superior workmanship and elegant design of Catherine's clothing. And when two aspiring customers visit her shop one day, Catherine recognizes their handsome companion as Carter - the American lawyer who visited her father's English estate five years ago. She immediately notices Carter's interest in her. But despite their mutual attraction, Catherine fears he'll remember who she really is and jeopardize her father's only chance for freedom. He believes them to be strangers...The door opened suddenly, and there she was. Carter forgot what he was saying and simply stared at the vision before him. Hang his imagination; this woman was far more intriguing in the flesh... Yet she knows the truth... Catherine found she couldn't look away, he was so very handsome. His face had a rather rugged look, perhaps more so than she'd noticed five years ago. How strange that he'd never married... Now that their paths have crossed again, can Catherine break free from the past to embrace the chance for love? A life of privilege becomes only a distant memory when Catherine Newbury's father is falsely imprisoned and she is whisked away from her home in England to America. Forced to disguise her past and create a completely new life, Catherine takes on a servant's last name and carves out a tenuous future for herself as a seamstress. Soon her dress designs are sought throughout Philadelphia. When the dashing Carter Danby accompanies his mother and sister for a design consultation, Catherine suddenly encounters her past face-to-face. Is Carter's avid interest in her genuine...or does he, as she suspects, recognize her as the young lady he met while touring England? She cannot deny the attraction, but admitting her true identity may jeopardize her father's only hope for freedom. Will Catherine be forced to sacrifice her dreams of love?

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