Thriller 2

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I read the first Thriller and enjoyed it immensely. Thriller 2 is even better. There were several stories that grabbed my attention. "The Weapon" by Jeffery Deaver had a stunning ending. "Remaking" by Blake Crouch was a very good story. "The Circle" written by David Hewson will frighten you. "Roomful Of Witnesses" by R.L. Stine has a novel approach. "The House On Pine Terrace" by Philip Margolinleaves you wondering who is good and who is bad. "The Lamented"by Lawrence Light was a very god story. Through Light I discovered a new author. "Vintage Death" by Lisa Jackson takes a close up look at a California wine dynasty. "Suspension Of Disbelief" offers a different look at the world of a writer. "A Calculated Risk " gives you an interesting look at the world of doublecrossing. "The Fifth World" by Juan Sierra shows the end of the world according to Mayan lore. "Ghost Writer" by Gary Braver was another interesting story in this book."Through A Veil Darkly" gives you a unique look at the Presidency. "Bedtime For Mr. Li' by Davifd Montgomery is an interesting of a professional killer. "Killing Time" by Jon Land was an outstanding story about a contract killer on the run from the authorities. Be sure to read "Thriller 2". This is a very good book.

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