Bill Baileys Lot

Author: Catherine Cookson
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
Page Count: 0
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Bill Bailey, the rugged Liverpudlian, was now a full-fledged Tyneside building contractor, as staunchly loyal to his squad of workmen as they were to him. He had also met and married Fiona, a young widow with her own lovable family, to which she and Bill shortly added by adopting the orphaned Mamie. Life might be good, but the economic climate was growing distinctly cloudy, and it was vital that Bill land the contract for a major development scheme. Competition was fierce and when his men came under attack, Bill was sure that someone was out to spoil their chances for the job. Meanwhile, there were frictions on the domestic front. One of their children, Willie, acquired a new friend, Sammy Love, and although Fiona had grave doubts about this formidable lad and his colorful language, it was Sammy-and his father-who would make a special contribution to the lives and fortunes of Bill Bailey's lot. Bill Bailey has already proved himself a notable addition to the gallery of memorable characters created by Catherine Cookson. Here he is again in splendid form at the heart of a novel that combines warmth and humor, such as only this well-loved storyteller can write.

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